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The SIPSI declaration: an indispensable tool for the secondment of employees in France ?

Any company established outside of France that plans to send employees to France must submit a "declaration of secondment of employees" to the labor inspectorate. This declaration is sent via the Ministry of Labor's SIPSI tele-service and must be made before the employee leaves. What is SIPSI reporting? The SIPSI tele-service allows a foreign employer to send the declaration of secondment of its employees to the territorial unit of the DIRECCTE of the country where the secondment is to be made. As for the SIPSI declaration, it is a mandatory document for a seconded employee to work legally on French soil. This declaration must be sent to the labor inspectorate of the place where the service will take place. It must be sent by electronic means and must be written entirely in French. The website can write it for you. This declaration is mandatory for all secondment projects and must be made before the work begins. This formality concerns all sectors of activity, but also transport companies. The project owner and the client must check that this form has been completed before accepting the posting.Before the secondment, this prior declaration must be attached to the personnel register of the company that will receive the seconded employees. If the employer has failed to submit this declaration, it is the principal who must send it within48 hours of the start of the work. The employer is also obliged to inform the posted worker about the automated processing of his personal data.

What is the content of a SIPSI declaration?

As a general rule, the SIPSI declaration contains all the information concerning the seconded employee, his assignment and his employer. According to the law in force in France, the precise information concerning this declaration is governed by the following articles:

· Article "R 1263-3 " on the provision of services;

· Article " R1263-4 " on intra-group mobility ;

· Article " R 1263-6" on temporary staff.

In addition, there are a few essential points that must be mentioned in this "prior declaration of secondment", including

· company data, including company name, geographic and telephone coordinates, legal representative, type of activity...

· information about the service, including the client's contact information, the nature of the mission, the and the period of the service.

· the employee's personal details, in particular his name, first name, date and place of birth, residence, nationality, qualification, date of hire, monthly salary, future address in France and travel arrangements.

· the name and contact information of a legal representative of the foreign company (mandatory)

The website could be your legal representative

In short, the prior declaration for the secondment is very important in the administrative process. This allows the worker to work legally in the country of posting, but also to verify all the information concerning him.

In addition, a new version of the SIPSI declaration has been announced to strengthen the security of workers since 2019. The Ministry of Labor invites all contractors wishing to post staff in France to find out about this new declaration.

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